mHealth: The Doctor Can See You Now

Business Week’s Mohana Ravindranath has written an interesting mHealth article titled “Sorry, The iPhone Isn’t Revolutionizing Medicine – Yet”.

I really love it when we’re reminded of how 3G Video Calling is even helping us change the preconceptions of what can be achieved with mHealth even amongst mHealth experts:

One specific challenge: As Columbia’s (Patricia) Mechael points out, “the rules [for mHealth] are different if the doctor isn’t there because they can’t actually see the patient.” If a dermatologist diagnoses a patient over a screen and is misled by the screen’s resolution, who is liable? And how are doctors billed if they give remote care on-the-go

With 3G Video Calling not only can the patient see the Doctor but the Doctor really can now see the patient.

A point worth clarifying: If you’re a Doctor who has any reason to doubt the reliability of the information you’re basing a medical judgement on you are completely liable. This is a major reason why at 3G Doctor we’ve decided to utilise secure clinically validated interactive patient history taking questionnaires as part of our unique consultation process. Click here for more information on this.

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