“What mHealth does, at its heart, is provide that incentive”

Now, I don’t like emergency rooms. The hope of living well another 20 years is plenty of incentive for me. But it’s not enough for most people. Hypertension is called the silent killer for a reason, and if everyone around you looks like the passengers in Wall-E you won’t even notice morbid obesity. What mHealth does, at its heart, is provide that incentive. It delivers a continuing reminder that trouble is coming, and it cuts the cost of care once the chronic condition is acknowledged. And chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease and the like represent a full third of our $2.5 billion health care market

Because constant monitoring will be paid for. There will be a business model that makes this free… …your brother’s employer can have more influence over his behavior than you can, I’m afraid. What if he said, “get tested or get out — I’m not interested in paying $100k for something I can pay $10k for now and be done with

Dana Blankenhorn, ZDNet Healthcare

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