Samsung Launch Developer Tools for new Galaxy Tab

The Samsung Mobile Innovator Developer website has added support for the brand new 7in Android-powered “Galaxy Tab” device with a range of tools and insights to help simplify application development efforts leveraging the device’s larger form factor.

After trialling this device in a range of healthcare settings I see an enormous opportunity for this new form factor to transform the lives of patients:

> Communication: As a bedside telephone or videophone – either as a speakerphone (for the private room environment) or with a Bluetooth headset in a ward. The patient would just need to insert their normal SIM card.

> Entertainment: Fingertips at the ready… this comes with YouTube, Digital Frame, Music Hub, Think Free Office (in case you’ve got some work to do), Gmail App, 1000’s of Games like Sudoku and Chess, Social Networking Apps, a Readers Hub filled with the latest books, magazines and news…

> Health Management: As a hub for the transference of medical data, communicating with the patient, and for helping manage the patients health and healthcare records (although the app isn’t yet available the Google Health website works very nicely indeed!). The following picture shows me using the Galaxy Tab as an active alarm clock, sleep monitor and means of keeping tabs on my blood pressure:

> The ultimate patient entertainment/care station: Today these look a lot like this:

But as payers are increasingly realising the opportunity to reduce costs by making hospitals responsible for the costs of same-cause 30 day readmissions, these devices offer the ideal scenario: Patients can get familiar using the device in the Hospital and for the first time actually take it home to continue their care experience. With low cost, incredible performance, battery life and mobility I see it wiping out the market for dedicated fixed home devices like the Intel device introduced in this video:

For more on the Samsung Galaxy Tab developer tools visit the Samsung Mobile Innovator website

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