AT&T Walk the Walk… with WellDoc

After recently hearing the Head of Healthcare at a European Mobile Operator explaining how he felt they weren’t well placed in the value chain to benefit from mHealth innovations (which he described as involving the “classical device business model of one-shot revenues”), it’s great to read this press release announcing news of a collaboration between AT&T and WellDoc to start offering a service targeting a key patient group: mobile operator employees.

Although the details of the number of employees who will be involved has not emerged, this is a major step from a mobile operator and self-insured employer. Where better than to start than with your own team? Surely it’s common sense that before any other corporate is going to buy your innovative new mHealth technologies you’d better have proved them with your own staff?

Don’t miss this more detailed write up and interview over at MobiHealthNews

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1 Response to AT&T Walk the Walk… with WellDoc

  1. Corinne says:

    Accoding to Jennifer Prestigiacomo, there are many new apps to health care which are fabulous! As a healthcare provider this is amazing for both you and the patient. WellDoc/GluCoMo/Withings are wonderful apps for patients and physicians communicate and for physicians to be able to follow someone from home. There are so many people that cannot get out of the home albit it elderly or lack of transportation due to income. I love that this is advocating for the patient and improving health status all over the world. Potentially the patient also could travel and this information could easily be sent through the telephone via message. Technology has come so far and is promising for a better future in health care. By managing chronic diseases patients can feel in control of their lives and also safe because a physician is literally a phone message away. The online community for PatientsLikeMe is providing support for patients like the support groups in the hospital. This is great because it can be accessed through a mobile device. Sometimes while in actual groups patients will go home and wish they had someone. Now support is available 24/7 which is much more realistic. Technology is ever improving and moving healthcare towards improved patient care and patient safety.

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