FaceTime now running on desktops: Apple’s disintermediation of Mobile Operators almost complete…

And what timing! In the same week Apple announced $20 Billion of quarterly revenues and record profits ($4.31). Mobile Operators should be having sleepless nights:

As I predicted some time ago Apple would take cross platform presence technology (AKA “FaceTime”) to the iPod and then the desktop. No one has still been able to explain to me why when customers have a presence enabled means of communicating with their friends and colleagues they would ever want to message/call/videocall with them in the conventional way. And that’s before we even start to consider the mess that is roaming charges! How long before Apple customers only need a data plan?

Was it just the competitiveness that stopped mobile operators from working this out together, or did they get fooled into taking their eye off the ball because they were convinced that Mobile Video Calling was just a dead duck?

Slim chance these desktop FaceTime calls are going to remain MAC only after all it only took 6 weeks before developers had FaceTime running over 3G.

Skype should be expecting some calls from mobile operators and I can’t wait till Google goes public with what they’ve got in store for Mobile Video Calling on Android 3.0!

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