Telecom TV checks out Telefonica’s Spanish mHealth R&D facility

Leila Makki heads to Malaga to meet with Álvaro Fernández de Araoz, Director of Corporate eHealth, Telefónica:

It all leaves me a bit disappointed as we’d seen some of these Second Life style services being profiled before at the Mobile Healthcare Industry Summit in London and I think it’s become obvious that all of this is just rearranging the chairs whilst completely ignoring the enormous untapped market of existing customers who could be served with health content on the Telefónica/O2 operator portal (pictured below) or by offering mHealth services:

Why focus your R&D resources on Home PC based niche market opportunities such as “Help@Hand” or “HomePhysio”:

Or “rehabitic”:

When there are disability charities that you could partner with that are already acutely aware of the needs and you already have yourself 278 million customers? With millions of these having 3G Video Mobiles and living within your own 3G network coverage why not take a leaf out of Avea’s book and offer 3G Video Medical Call Services or even get started on the basic voice services that are making Orange/FT Group more than €22 million/year in France alone through their partnership with Mondial Assistance and Doro Easy Mobiles.

In the Video Tim Weston, Head of Propositions, Telefónica/O2 introduces this home physio service:

Look closely and you’ll see the text on the screen reads: “When finished it will display the message ‘Congratulations you have completed the exercise. And if the result is satisfactory, moderate or incorrect

Wow… after going to all this expense with such low volume/expensive static equipment you would have at least thought the feedback would have been in real time! I’d recommend the R&D team get hold of a few Nintendo Wii’s and see how gaming has moved on from 2005 with low cost sensors, instant feedback, multiplayer, shared high scores, fun, etc

I’d bet they’d get better clinical outcomes if they just had their patients using SMS to send in their Nintendo Wii scores to the clinic!

Amazingly I didn’t even see one mobile phone being used in the entire video… you really would have thought that a mobile operator R&D team would have realised that the next big thing for patients is on a mobile phone. Instead of working on their own I wonder why they aren’t engaging with mHealth partners who are already showing their innovations in the marketplace:

The oddest thing about the video is that the reporter Leila Makki actually speaks the most sense and demonstrates a very good grasp of the key issues:

“…Healthcare is a growing and lucrative industry and sadly one that is not available to all those who need it, whether it be for financial or just geographical reasons…
…The challenge is to get people to be more engaged and take greater ownership of their own healthcare and hopefully the next generation of eHealth will be preventative”

Maybe they should ask her to head up their mHealth R&D?

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