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Lyse Brillouet delivered a presentation that was very similar to one I’ve heard given by her colleague Thierry Zylberberg. It’s obvious that someone needs to explain that a handheld GE V-Scan Ultrasound device is not a mobile device and as a device that has no wireless connectivity has zero relevance to mobile operators and the opportunity to capitalise on mHealth opportunities. NB. It’s worth pointing out that there are companies developing Ultrasound probes that can work with smartphones.

Clearly this oversight could be fixed if they simply replaced the image of the GE handheld scanner with an image of a smartphone shown running a simple clinical resource application (eg. MedHand’s Dr/Nurse Companion content).

The presentation also perpetuated the suggestion that somehow the value in the mHealth market is moving towards device manufacturers. Yes there is a massive opportunity for device makers – but this isn’t new indeed one brand defined the last decade! – but it’s not moving away from the network which still generate at least 80% of the Trillion $’s of annual revenues that the mobile industry generates. The opportunity of generating revenues in Healthcare IT for connectivity providers is clearly evident when you appreciate that the biggest biller to the NHS’s National Programme for IT is BT.

mHealth developments don’t have to originate from device makers, networks CAN play a leading role just like we’re seeing them take in the mPayment space eg. mPesa.

Lyse then referred to some of the partners Orange have already engaged with eg. iPlato (SMS Appointment Reminders), Sorin (Blood pressure monitoring for patients with implanted cardiac devices), CoachForme (Fitness App for the Apple iPhone), DORO/Mondial Assistance (Insurance services), Text to Change (data collection & remote monitoring in AMEA).

This blog post is part of a series of reviews from the inaugural Mobile Healthcare Industry Summit Middle East. Click here to get the full review.

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