mHealth innovations scoop 2 Global Mobile Awards

In Barcelona the GSMA have announced the winners of their annual Global Mobile Awards event and it’s great to see 2 different mHealth innovations bagged the judges awards:

Best mHealth Innovation: Mobisante Inc. for MobiUS

This one has got me scratching my head as the judges clearly must have little appreciation of the technical/regulatory requirements or clinical value of ultrasound imaging (which is a big surprise as there was actually a Doctor on the judging panel for the first time this year – Dr Joseph Smith, Chief Medical & Science Officer for the West Wireless Health Institute). It’s also way off track with the award key criteria as this award is designed to recognise solutions that can “make high-quality healthcare affordable and accessible to all”. When you consider the other criteria I think you’ll agree with me it’s an perculiar choice by the judges eg. “Usability: How simple/easy is it to use?” (it runs on Windows 6.5!!!), “How it taps into new under-served market segments” (it costs >$7,000) and “Evidence of user take up and market success” (it’s not available commercially).

Best Embedded Mobile Device (non_handset): AT&T & Vitality

Most be a long day because I’m again confused. Glowcaps won in a category that featured a diverse range of wirelessly connected consumer electronics and other connected ‘products and devices’ although it’s obvious from reading the qualifying category descriptions that it didn’t technically qualify as the category “5e” is only open to devices that “fall outside” the other “mobile innovation sectors” which included “Best M-Health Innovation”.

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