Will Diabetes Monitoring really be the biggest mHealth opportunity?

“As for what information is being access online at the moment (the study was conducted in September last year), 66 per cent of Internet users look up a specific disease or medical problem, with the top five conditions searched for on the WebMD site being shingles, gallbladder, gout, hemorrhoids, and lupus. Close behind information on specific problems comes interest in specific treatments or procedures, accounting for 56 per cent of users. The top five treatments searched for on WebMD are pain relievers, anti-depressants, high blood pressure medication, corticosteroids, and hysterectomy. Interestingly, no mention of diabetes, as this is the number one health area being identified by developers of mobile health applications and is also seen by many mobile operators as the target area with which to launch mHealth services

I love it when a reporter at Telecom TV can see how misguided these Berg Research findings are (“The diabetes monitoring segment is by far the largest segment, worth about € 6.3 billion“) and wonder how long before mHealth analysts wake up to the remote informational/consulting opportunity? Which is of course an emerging latent opportunity rather than one that is about to be cannabalised!

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1 Response to Will Diabetes Monitoring really be the biggest mHealth opportunity?

  1. Frank Ille says:

    The bottom line is that 99% of current mHealth apps have little to no value as all the data is siloed on the phone/device. These apps do not connect to a PHR, EHR or personal health platform such as HealthVault , Google Health or Dossia.

    Connected apps have the potential to offer tremendous value in monitoring chronic conditions by providing real time clinician intervention without a brick and mortar patient visit.

    Analyzing patterns of real time patient driven mHealth data will help providers monitor treatment regimens to identify effective and ineffective treatments and medications.

    HealthSaaS is a pioneer in leading this change as we have created the first and only mobile chronic condition management app (Glucose Tracker +) that connects to our DiabetesPHR offering and Microsoft HealthVault.

    Our patent pending Patient Outcomes Framework is the foundation for disease and condition specific Personal Health Records, white labeled offerings, telehealth support tools, and mobile applications. Connectivity to personal health platforms including Microsoft HealthVault and Dossia enable us to deliver solutions that improve results and lower costs for patients, employers, clinicians, provider networks and payors.

    We are always open to discussing alliances with device and cloud based software vendors.

    Frank Ille
    HealthSaaS, Inc.


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