Could cuts drive technology adoption at London Ambulance Service

Yesterdays Independent reports on a couple of interesting, and I think closely related, issues:

In a life-saving situation, mobile video can come to the rescue (an article that mentions 3G Doctor)
Ambulance service to cut hundreds of frontline jobs

In summary the London Ambulance Service has announced plans to cut as much as 20% of their work force over the next five years in an attempt to make savings of £53m. Cuts will include 560 frontline posts and a further 330 in management and support services.

Whilst I’m not going to question London Health Emergency’s Geoff Martin when he says “these cuts will mean total carnage right at the heart of London’s ambulance service” I think it really should make us ask ourselves are we doing enough to leverage the technology that more than 200,000 Londoners in the 1 square mile city center have already got in their pockets.

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