BodyTel sells Glucotel IP portfolio

Even though I’ve been tracking the work of the German medical device manufacturer BodyTel since 2006 I’ve just picked up this news on their bluetooth connected blood glucose monitoring device from a banner advert running on the American Telemedicine Association ATA 2011 website:

Oddly the linked IP Auction website has no record, so maybe (and unsurprisingly if they’ve got solid IP for this massive consumer health market) a buyer has already came in with an offer.

While it’s great to think that the management team and investors have made an exit, I can’t help find this somewhat disappointing. The Glucotel device was a great product developed by an innovative start up that was way ahead of it’s time and I wonder what’ll happen now with their intellectual property. Let’s hope it doesn’t end up in the possession of patent trolls and we get to see some providers start using it to roll out new bluetooth connected monitoring services as there are millions of patients with compatible mobiles who could benefit from such convenience and ease of use.

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1 Response to BodyTel sells Glucotel IP portfolio

  1. bill says:

    so did you come to a conlusion as to whether it was sold not?

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