mHealth: the best way to create effective healthcare experiences

It’s rather obvious that my friend Mohammad Al-Ubaydli is a rather extraordinary patient, but I think his advice to other patients really highlights how Healthcare providers are letting patients down and unreasonably expecting them to navigate their own way “Blue Peter” style by undertaking unnecessary, stressful and potentially dangerous initiatives.

Here’s Mohammad’s advice summarised in my own words:

> You should bring your phone to your next medical appointment
> You should use it while with your doctor and nurse, typing during the appointment (explain you are recording what they are saying).
> You should ask for a print-out and photograph it using your phone
> You should take a photo of the Doctors screen if they don’t have a connected printer available
> You should take of photo of the your x-ray on the hospitals computer screen
> You should upload the photographs from your phone into your PHR when you get home
> You should take your own notes by typing an e-mail to yourself
> You should take your phone to the next Doctor you see and have the photographed documents ready to show her so you could accurately tell your history, share your last test results as well as the previous Doctor’s examination findings.
> Some clinics may have bans on mobile phones that are unnecessary and unfair, you are entitled to use your phone in most places but a bit of politeness is probably what you need rather than quoting the technicalities and legalities.

For me this experience reads like an interaction a historian might have on visiting some sort of archeological site and not an patients interaction with their own digitalized health information. It’s all the more depressing when you realise this is an interaction with the NHS – an organisation that has already spent more than $20 billion over the last few years on it’s National Program for IT.

In my opinion the reason this patient is being failed is because the system they are trying to interact with has not been designed for them. There is a radical difference between this and the patient experience based approach that PatientsKnowBest will be taking with the development of their Smartphone App.

If you are in any doubt about where the most valuable future healthcare experiences that patients deserve and will want to use are going to come from please read this post again.

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