mHealth Webinar: 1400 GMT, Thurs 19 May

On Thursday, May 19, 2011 at 2:00 pm (London, GMT+01:00) contributors from the Innovation Observatory to the Mobile Communications for Medical Care (Cambridge University / China Mobile study) will be generously hosting a FREE hour long webinar presenting the results of their research study into “current and future mobile healthcare and health promotion (mhealth) applications, and their use in China and elsewhere”.

The webinar will present the results of research recently carried out by Cambridge University and China Mobile. Topics covered will include:

> The range of mHealth services that are emerging worldwide
> The potential benefits of using mobile services to deliver healthcare
> Business models for mHealth services
> How policy makers, equipment vendors, software and application vendors, network operators, insurance companies, healthcare funders, and healthcare providers can take advantage of mHealth services.
> mHealth projects already underway in China, and the progress being made in using mobile services to deliver healthcare to underserved communities.

There will also be a questions and answers session. Participants will be given the opportunity to submit questions to the researchers during the event. This event is free to join, but you need to register for it here.

After reading the report I’ve a few points I’d like to make about their definition of mHealth or their appreciation of the “applicability” of 3G Doctor in emerging markets but if I had just one question to ask it would be if the authors found much evidence of latent mHealth services (eg. present but not visible as they’re not developed/commercialised by mobile brands) as I’d love to learn more about ‘Blue Peter’ style solutions developed by Healthcare providers/patients, how Healthcare service providers are leveraging mHealth to add value to patient experiences, or how patients in China are using mobile technologies to improve the quality of their lives.

I wonder if it’s following the same trends we’re seeing across the rest of the world:

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