AMNews: Doctors driving IT development with their mobile technology choices

Pamela Lewis Dolan, writing at the American Medical News has posted an interesting article picking up on something that I’ve been commenting on for some time:

adoption of smartphones and tablet computers (by Doctors) has resulted in demand for systems in which they can use them… …Doctors liked being able to access their patients’ records and clinical tools anytime, from any place, so they pressured the hospital to give them access… …Instead of hospitals and vendors telling physicians to adapt to their preferred ways of using technology, physicians are gaining the power to sway hospitals and vendors to their preferred way of using it… …81% of physicians use smartphones, up from 72% in 2010

With the announcement of it’s “Apportunity” competition (an innovation challenge open exclusively to US medics) it’s clear the American Medical Association has also caught the smartphone bug:

Won’t be long now before the mobiles owned by patients start to transform the healthcare industry by introducing more self service and eradicating the need for many of the entrenched intermediary’s. Then the real disruption starts happening…

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