mHealth ThinkCamp London Group Presentations

The highlight of Fridays ThinkCamp event for me was the use of the “Open Space” self organizing process. This was explained and facilitated by Jonathan MacDonald (who was no doubt energized by his own recent adoption of another promising mHealth tech: LEH’s AKA “Light Emitting Headphones”).

Here’s the general idea:

1 The group shares the issues they’d like to tackle and these are posted
2 Agreement is made on which of these can be bundled together
3 Participants are given stickers to vote on the issues they’d like to join for the two sessions
4 Workshop rooms are assigned according to the selected challenges
5 Workshops take 45 each and are facilitated with a light-weight touch to keep the discussions on track and the ideas structured
6 The final break-out session is where the groups focus on turning the idea into a proposition with a clear action plan to be taken beyond the day
7 Participants can choose a new area to delve into in a new break-out room, or ‘export’ their current discussion to one of the open spaces to be worked on further
8 Participants are free and encouraged to ‘vote with their feet’ throughout whenever they no longer feel like they are learning or contributing to the propositions
9 The goal is to be able to share a series of 2 minute pitches at the end of the day outlining a clear action plan

Here’s the result:

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