Introducing our new partner: Health Smart

Health Smart Ltd and 3G Doctor have signed an agreement to develop innovative new mHealth services and bring the successful Health Smart Community Health Check services that are currently deployed with a range of leading NHS Primary Care Trusts to new markets.

Join us tomorrow at the UK’s leading CPD certified Healthcare ICT event – Smart Healthcare Live (it’s not too late to register here) – to learn more about how Private Healthcare Providers, Pharmacists, Employers, Mobile Device Makers and Mobile Operators can leverage our collective expertise to effectively deliver the world’s most advanced community health check services to patients via mobile devices:

With the support of Health Smart’s team we’re also now open to consulting opportunities for brands that would like to develop their own mHealth services and will be announcing our first high profile client (a world leading medical device manufacturer) in the next few weeks.

Background to Health Smart

Health Smart is a medical technology company delivering a wide-range of innovative healthcare products and services, including NHS Health Check services, online therapies, mobile phone applications and cardiovascular sensors. Founded in 2004 by Tuvi Orbach with the aim of empowering people to improve their health and happiness by utilising science, technology and clinical expertise. This vision is reflected in a variety of products which have already begun to improve the wellbeing of the population. Health Smart benefits from a management team made up from experts in their respective fields and a Board of Directors with a wealth of blue-chip experience.

Existing partners include NHS Islington, NHS Barking and Dagenham, NHS Suffolk, NHS Newham, NHS Kingston, NHS Herefordshire and NHS Hampshire and the computerised system created by Health Smart is connected to the secure N3 network, taking care of data protection and privacy issues. At a glance features include:

  • Integration with Cholestech and HbA1c
  • Generates Framingham, QRISK ® 2, JBS2 and FINDRISC calculations
  • Customisable to suit your requirements
  • Generates instant, comprehensive reporting
  • Connectivity to EMIS and N3 server
  • Secure Patient Identifiable Data
  • Extendible for COPD, HbA1c, AF, anxiety, and depression screening as well as Brief Interventions
  • Automatic generation of letters to GPs
  • Automatic production of patient results and personalised improvement plans
  • Flexibly deployed: GP surgeries, pharmacies, supermarkets, community events

Health Smart also have a wide range of mHealth patents and developed services that they will be bringing to market together with 3G Doctor. These include:

A mobile biointeractive game: “Smart Heart Agent” challenges patients to manage high blood pressure and stress levels. Through a personalised training program patients learn how to relax and exercise control of their breathing and heart rate.

Atrial Fibrillation Detector: A simple mobile app that monitors for heart rate irregularities using nothing more than the phones camera, your finger and a smart proprietory algorithm.

Sleep Coaching Services: A Smartphone based service that will help you fall to sleep more easily, stay asleep and wake more gently. Ever wonder where I get the energy? 😉

Arrange a meeting with us

If you’re already attending Smart Healthcare Live why not arrange a meeting with myself (David Doherty, 3G Doctor) and Tuvi Orbach, President, Health Smart? Simply comment below with your name/mobile number and an outline of what you’re trying to achieve and we’ll get back to you with our online diary for the stand so you can pick an available time slot.

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