Are Supermarket Loyalty Programs the key to mHealth retail sales?

On the weekend I noticed my local branch of Tesco’s Ireland had started retailing Doro’s EasyPhone (click here for a more complete round up of retail activity in the senior mobile market) so I took the chance to ask the very friendly sales manager how sales were doing and was really pleased to hear that it’s been an overwhelming success.

A little surprised that such sale volumes could come just from casual browsers discovering the phone on the congested shelves I asked why he thought it was doing so well and it turns out that in addition to DORO’s extensive targeted TV advertising campaign the device was being selectively promoted in the ClubCard mailing with a switch to Tesco Mobile focus and a generous ClubCard offer.

With a targeted approach to such accurately profiled customers who are making regular store visits, the ability to tag on redeemable loyalty points and even (in the case of Tescos) their own MVNO I wouldn’t be surprised if these retail giants continue to wipe the floor with mobile retail store offerings – especially as they understand and have substantial trust amongst demographics that in the most part mobile operators barely identify with.

It’s a little surprising given Tesco’s very advanced mobile strategy (which includes the expensive conversion of every point of sale terminal across the group so that it can machine read mobile phone screens) that they’re promoting devices that can’t produce a ClubCard image on their screen. If I was working there rather than continuing to push the boat out with the iPhone Apps for the few I’d be making it focused on ensuring that every mobile sold was provisioned with a dial pad hotkey feature that brought up an image of the customers ClubCard ID.

For the retail of home care technologies the data within the loyalty cards/programs (eg. I’m following a low GI Tesco Diet) make the difference between competing on price and engaging customers into value adding services.

After all why would anyone with a chronic disease not want to buy the products they need with a service and a loyalty program offered by a brand that they trust? Otherwise it’s just down to continued price erosion…

I wonder how long before patients can redeem their supermarket loyalty points for remote video consultations or activate mHealth gift vouchers instore?

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