Congratulations to mHealth Startup Azumio on their success landing a $2.5m investment

Gigaom’s Ryan Kim got the scoop on a $2.5 million investment by the Founders Fund (Facebook, Practice Fusion, and ZocDoc), Accel Partners (Admob, Facebook) and Felicis Ventures (Fitbit, Massive, Inkling) into Azumio a Slovenian mHealth start up founded by Linkedin mHealth group member Peter Kuhar.

The companies’ hit app is the Instant Heart Rate iPhone app that measures a user’s heart rate via measuring the changes in coloration/light passing through the finger to reach the rear mounted camera. Within less than a year the app has racked up more than 8 million iOS and Android downloads and the company has also launched Stress Check and Stress Doctor for iOS (in my opinion these open up enormous untapped new opportunities hence our efforts in this space together with Health Smart to bring the Smart Heart Agent app to market as part of a prescribed mHealth service).

Whilst the Gigaom article claims that this investment signals confidence in the growing mobile health market, Peter’s cofounder Bojan Bernard Bostjancic was a little less optimistic telling Ryan Kim that “smartphone feedback and health apps won’t replace dedicated devices”. This surprises me as I’m pretty certain the watch, personal music player, computer, PDA, diary, calendar, calculator, GPS etc etc device makers had a similar lack of confidence at the beginning of the Nokia Decade.

Why not join the Linkedin mHealth Group today – and network with more than a 1000 other high quality entrepreneurs like Peter?

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