Is the Fujitsu Toshibia Windows Mango Smartphone the ultimate Smartphone for Healthcare Workers?

It might be a mouthful but this sleek and rather plain looking new Smartphone that’s broken cover over at Engadget is packing something that I think is going make it widely sought by smart Healthcare workers the world over.

And surprisingly it’s not the Mango Windows Phone 7 OS, nor is it the powerful MSM8655 CPU from Qualcomm, the 3.7 inch WVGA screen, pink casing, 32GB of flash storage or even the 13.2 megapixel camera (wow!) with autofocus… …no this is the worlds first smartphone to also pass the NEMA IPx5 water intrusion test!

NEMA, the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, sets the requirements for the IPx5 water intrusion test and it quite simply means that this smartphone can remain watertight for 3 minutes whilst enduring a powerful water jet at 12.5 l/min from a comprehensive range of angles. To give you an idea of what this looks like here’s a picture of a typical IPx5 test being conducted (click the image to view a youtube video of typical IPX testing services provided by Cascade Tek):

It’s easy to imagine how this incredible engineering achievement could be twinned with a “Wash your hands” reminder and monitoring app to help Fujitsu Toshiba finally make the impact these Japanese mobile brands have been seeking to make outside of their home markets and I can see the appeal not only to Healthcare workers seeking to reduce healthcare acquired infections but also amongst a wide range of other professionals involved in food preparation, farming, handling waste, etc.

Every mobile operator with a serious mHealth strategy should be placing orders for this device.

Click here to read more about what I think will make the ultimate Healthcare Provider Smartphone – and please feel welcome to share your own wishlist or ideas.

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6 Responses to Is the Fujitsu Toshibia Windows Mango Smartphone the ultimate Smartphone for Healthcare Workers?

  1. testman says:

    Forget about this phone and clearly go and buy a Motorola Defy that is IP67 ! Much better protection (can live inside water !) + much more applications available (it is Android based) = choice phone for healthcare workers 😉

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  4. Hugo says:

    The picture is not of an IPX5 test but rather an IPX9K test. Much more severe than an IPX5 test.

  5. Thanks Hugo,

    What does an IPX5 look like then?

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