Become “a though leader in the field of mobile health for technology”

While it’s quite obvious that the mHealth Alliance needs to attract some writing talent it continues to amaze me how many people still consider blogging to just be a means of getting journalists to work for free. With millions being invested into the efforts of the mHealth Alliance it surprises me that they can’t see value in paying professionals to help them with their communications strategy.

It gave me the idea to compile a list of professional journalists who specifically cover mHealth (very happy to add more so please suggest any I’ve missed out in the comments):

Bruce V. Bigelow, Xconomy
Dan Bowman, FierceMobileHealthcare
Salina Christmas, Sojournposse
Shannon Crispin, eHealth Insider
Donna Cusano, Telecare Aware
Brian Dolan, MobiHealthNews
Brian Edwards, iMedicalApps
Mark Fowler, mHealth Update
Steve Hards, Telecare Aware
Iltifat Husain MD, iMedicalApps
Leroy Jones Jr, Talking Technology
Dr Joseph Kim,
Joe Maillie, MobiHealthNews
Satish Misra MD, iMedicalApps
John Moore, Chilmark Research
Gene Ostrovsky, MedGadget
Neil Versal, MeaningfulHITNews
Eric Wickland, mHealthNews
Felasfa Wodajo MD, iMedicalApps
Charles Wright, eHealth Central

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