mHealth: “a unique opportunity, the most exciting time in medicine ever”

“The story here is that a remarkable digital intrastructure has been built and yet the medical world is in a separate orbit, a cocoon of sorts. This is the beginning of a coalescence of a these two fields, where medicine can leverage this fantastic digitial infrastructure. Not just wireless but the idea that you can digitize the whole human being. We’re used to digitizing books and movies but now we can digitize people with wireless sensors, advanced medical imaging, even genomic sequencing. mHealth is a way to take this forward, because now we’re talking about a mobile platform, a way of getting that data on any individual, to individualize their care, to allow prevention of significant illnesses. This is a unique opportunity, the most exciting time in medicine ever”

Dr Eric J Topol MD

Director, Scripps Translational Science Institute
Chief Academic Officer, Scripps Health
Translational Genomics Professor, Scripps Research Institute
coFounder & Vice Chairman, West Wireless Health Institute

(Full interview with Felasfa Wodajo MD)

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