Tesco extends senior mobile line up

Following the roaring sales success seen with the DORO EasyMobile devices it’s great to see that the UK’s number 1 Retailer (£1 in every £8 spent in the UK is spent in Tesco) and leading MVNO (Tesco are 50% partners with O2 on the Tesco Mobile MVNO) is adding the Emporio RL1 to it’s retail and direct sale offerings:

Whilst it’s being nicely marketed with a great message and important timing (why not buy one for your parent this Christmas?) I’d be surprised if this Vodafone network locked device can achieve anything like the sales boost that Doro got from their more indepth collaboration with Tescos eg. promotion via the loyalty club card database, valuable free/discounted long term airtime offers with Tesco Mobile,  etc.

Without this bonus credit offers etc a £0.03 (£69.97) saving over  Vodafone UK’s £70 point is also a little disappointing…

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