“What Dr. Smartphone Can Do For You”

It’s widely apparent that the modern healthcare industry is fixated on the opportunities to do as much as is possible for patients rather than helping patients do things for themselves. It’s unsurprising to see this thinking is already being projected onto investor and media interest in the mHealth market and this cool Fast Company story/image does a great job highlighting these things a smartphone “can do for you”:

Unlike the opportunity for carers and patients to connect more efficiently (eg. SMS appointment reminders, mobile patient information videos, informed documented consultations etc) the problem I see with all this “Do it Yourself” healthcare is that it’s currently all a bit too “Do it on your own” as well.

Getting data (whether that is a digital stethoscope signal, blood sugar/pressure reading, microscope image, motion sensory data, ultrasound image, ECG trace, cataract image) is one thing, making sense of it and using that to change patient behavior is another story altogether.

Let’s never forget no matter what a mobile can tell you it’s still only a fool that’ll be his own Doctor.

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