Doesn’t this Tricorder already exist?

Reading up about the $10 million Qualcomm Tricorder X Prize and I can’t for the life of me think why no one’s pointing out this already exists:

In summary:

> “Today the only way to know if you need to see a Doctor is to see a Doctor”

No it’s not. Complete an interactive patient history questionnaire and your Doctor can safely manage 40% of consultations without having to see you in their office. The only thing stopping this being available direct to consumers is their Doctor implementing the technology on their website or providing the app on a tablet in their waiting room.

> “It’s 2am your child has a fever”

Remote mobile care services (like 3G Doctor) are available 24/7.

> “You think you’re fine but you don’t really know what might be going on deep inside you”

Clinically validated interactive medical history questionnaires and experienced Doctors can help uncover symptoms that Patients might not be aware of or feel are important. With an inexpensive iPhone case from AliveCor you can also get an idea of several things that might be happening inside you (read this post to get the idea for how it can be used as part of a mHealth service).

> “You have a chronic condition and you’re taking your treatments but you feel like you’re on your own”

With your video mobile and a patient accessible EHR you’re now always connected to an informed Doctor – just securely share your username/password.

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