A Doctor in your pocket

This interesting Wall Street Journal article has been adapted from “The End of Illness” written by Dr David Agus, Professor of Medicine and Engineering at the University of Southern California and co-founder of Navigenics and Applied Proteomics.

I’m looking forward to the reading the full book but find the press article a little hard to swallow eg. “The problem with health care today is that we don’t know enough about the body to practice preventive medicine actively” as I think we’re not practising enough preventive medicine with the knowledge we already have in abundance.

I also think a lot of this future mHealth scenario is being allowed to exist in a bubble away from the reality of the world where consumers will have the choice of using increasingly sophisticated advertiser funded sedatory digital experiences that may offer much quicker and easier rewards.

If you think it won’t be easy to corrupt the preventative healthcare message just look at 80% of the social media awareness campaigns of healthcare charities eg. consider how inspite of the wide acknowledgement of the direct link between the abuse of alcohol and risk of developing cancer a leading UK registered Breast Cancer charity deems it appropriate to promote a 4.2% alcohol by volume “pink” Ale for the “Thirsty” supported by a very high profile celebrity:

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