UK Trade & Invest to host a Mobile for Health and Fitness seminar at Mobile World Congress

From 4pm-5.30pm on the 28th February 2012 in Hall 8 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the UK Trade and Investment and ICT KTN will be running a seminar on “Leveraging Mobile for Health and Fitness Applications and Services“.

One of the biggest challenges facing all countries is that of maintaining wellbeing, delivering care to those with chronic long term conditions and supporting vulnerable people in society. 21st century health and care services will increasingly rely on greater use of technology, delivering healthcare in a clinical setting, in the home, at work and during leisure time. The need for more intelligent systems, lower operational expenditure and deployment costs, is driving new ways of thinking about how we create, use, and share data and information. This session will explore several aspects of Healthcare and Fitness solutions. The speakers assembled will present different parts of the eco-system and will investigate the key enablers, technologies and potential new systems for the next generation of advance connected Health Platforms

Presenters include:

Mike Short, VP Research, O2 Telefonica (Chair)
Prof Guang-Zhong Yang, ESPRIT London 2012 project, Imperial College
Peter Lusty, Chief Executive, Geonovo
Ekta Sood, Clinical Director, Hidalgo

The event is free to attend (although you’ll need a pass for the MWC exhibition to get access) but you need to register with Kat Delahaye or Mark Birchall

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