Kaiser Permanente Health gives every patient mobile access to their healthcare record

Kaiser Permanente has made all of it’s nearly 9 million patient health records securely available to their patients via a new free to download app (only on Android so far) and/or mobile optimized website (KP.org).

I really hope app stores, telcos and device makers appreciate the enormous opportunities they have to support this initiative (eg. by helping drive adoption by zero rating access to KP.org and preventing the various SMS scams etc) as this really is a step change in the US healthcare market that will drive massive scaling of mHealth innovations.

Kaiser Permanente has also released some statistics reminding us of their mHealth leadership:

> In 2011 more than 68 million lab test results were made available online to Kaiser Permanente patients.
> The mobile service now provides all KP patients with 24/7 access to lab results, diagnostic information, direct and secure email access to their doctors and a prescription refill ordering process.
> In 2011 KP patients have sent more than 12 million emails to their Doctors and this is a service that has been available since 2006.
> In 2011 KP launched “KP Locator for iPhone” it’s first mobile app. This facility-finder app that uses the GPS capability of the iPhone to find KP locations close to you and the contact details and services available there. It has now been downloaded 42,000 times.
> The new mobile service provides KP patients and carers with 24/7 mobile access to view their secure personal health record, email their doctors, schedule appointments, check lab results, refill prescriptions and locate Kaiser Permanente medical facilities.

Announcing the mHealth initiative George Halvorson, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Kaiser Permanente, stated:

This is the future of health care. Health care needs to be connected to be all that it can be. This new level of connectivity is happening real time, and it is happening on a larger scale than anything like it in the world, the fact that a Kaiser Permanente patient in an emergency room in Paris or Tokyo can simply pull out their mobile device and have immediate and current access to their own medical information is an evolutionary and revolutionary breakthrough for medical connectivity

Whilst Philip Fasano, EVP and CIO, KP, hinted at how this innovation is all set to act as a springboard:

The benefits of mobile extend beyond member engagement, mobile solutions can have a positive impact on health. Health care, itself, will be much more convenient for many people. The mobile-friendly site and app are also a springboard for new innovations that will inspire members to be aware of their health and take steps to improve it

Here at 3G Doctor we’re really excited about this development. After the outright failure of PHR initiatives such as Google Health, KP has continued to show the world what it takes to get patients interested and engaged with electronic healthcare records: the ability to interact with their Doctors.

I won’t be at all surprised to find that KP builds on the abilities of smartphones and rolls out Video Consulting services to these patients in the next few months…

Of course we also look forward to the opportunities this will open up for us through our soon to be launched Microsoft HealthVault App (Microsoft HealthVault accepts health data transfers from KP’s My Health Manager).

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