Thoughts on Future mHealth Design

Check out “3 iPhone and iPad Medical Devices We’d Like to See” by Katie Matlack, Medical Market Analyst at Software Advice, a fun attempt to be a little visionary with ideas about “three iOS devices” they’d “like to see come to market soon” before asking for some experts to give their opinion on the “feasibility and future of these devices”.

Here’s my feedback:

In short:

1) Not so sure why you’d want these to be iOS solutions. Surely we all want this healthcare opportunity to be distributed as widely as possible?

2) Not so sure about the focus on a 10 inch iPad. If the sensory capacity can converge to the mobile phone it will (like all the other billion $ consumer electronic devices eg Radio, Video, GPS, Calculator, etc). Instead of an expensive spirometer hardware think 50c whistle + app that leverages the eight built in MEMs microphones + the signal processing capacity of the smartphone processor + the 3G connection to the cloud.

3) If hardware can converge to the mobile phone it will continue to do so. Expect mHealth technology such as that seen in the Alivecor iPhone ECG case to be integrated into the casing of leading smartphones in the next few years.

Interestingly I don’t think there’s any question of feasibility to consider. As with a lot of mHealth opportunities all of the necessary technology to make this is available today.

PS Can’t wait to see the amazing things we’ll see as the design of these innovations gets increasingly handed over to patients…

HatTip: Telecare Aware

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