New Skype for Windows Mobile sets new standard for mobile video calling

A great feature set:

> No new learning: The Skype app interface is shared with the Metro user interface already running on your Windows Phone. If you know how to make a call, you know how to make a video call.

> FREE and runs on 3G or WiFi: Hopefully this will consign the days of wifi only video calls (eg. Apple’s FaceTime) to the history books

> Supports Skype in and out: Make affordable calls to landlines and mobiles using Skype Credit, receive incoming calls from your local skype in number, create and join group chats, etc

> Supports in call IM: Imagine how convenient it would be to be able to use this with patients during video consultations eg. to share URL’s or spellings in call.

> Good timing: The timing of this announcement also coincides with the announcement that the flagship device from Nokia (the Lumia 900) will once again boast a forward facing wide aperture camera lens (available worldwide starting this summer)

> Can’t wait to try this with our new HealthVault App: Not only are there some nice design and usability additions but I think the ability to reach patients with video whenever and wherever is going to prove really useful.


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