6 things your organisation needs to avoid your last Kodak moment…

Alan Moore, Founder, SMLXL; Author ‘No Straight Lines’, shares some great advice in the Huffington Post on the challenge of living in an ambiguous world:

1 Accept the uncertainties of an ambiguous world and become master of them. Requiring deep listening and some humility.

2 Explore how to become adaptive and agile. This ability to upgrade constantly in hardware, software, organizational structures, business models is required at least for the time being. To be adaptive we must be constantly creating, collaborating, critiquing, communicating, by identifying key drivers we can better evaluate, and it enables the development of a new literacy.

3 Learn how living and working in an open culture / economy can be hugely beneficial

4 Embrace participatory cultures as a sustainable form of economics, innovation, organization and leadership

5 Become comfortable with the idea of craftsmanship as a personal and internal culture: the Craftsman is always in beta, consistently using “PLAY” as a process for discovery, the development of new insight, technique and creativity

6 Learn how to design for transformation by having the vision, the courage and the conviction to seek and implement lasting change.

If you haven’t yet read Alan’s latest read/write book No Straight Lines buy it from Amazon in paperback or for kindle or click here/the above image to read it for free online (just ‘pay’ online by sharing it socially on Twitter/Linkedin/Facebook etc).

Can you imagine how much medical publishers and educators could learn from just adopting the participatory/community design of this content?

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