Join us at the Pharma Mobile and eMarketing Europe Conference, Barcelona, 27-28 March

In it’s 7th year it’s great to see that the spotlight at this major pharma industry event has eventually begun to shine on mobile. Be sure to join me on day two when I’ll be giving a keynote talk on “The Future of Mobile in Pharma”.

The full list of speakers for the 2 day event suggests this isn’t an event you want to miss out on if you’re interested in engaging at the very highest level with European Pharma industry decision makers:

Alfonso Aguaron, Manager, Spanish Association of People Affected by Lymphoma, Myeloma, and Leukemia
Mehves Altun, Internet Committee Lead, AIFD
Mohammed Al-Ubaydli, Founder, Patients Know Best
Christina Apostolidis, Principal Analyst, Manhattan Research
Roberto Ascione, President, Publicis Healthware International
Fred Bassett, Chairman & Director, Blue Latitude
Dan Baxter, Hospital Rep, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Fergus Boyd, Head of eBusiness, Virgin Atlantic
Tom de Bruin, Developer/Designer & Web TV host, Teenage Cancer Trust &
Alex Butler, Founder, The Social Moon
John Cairns, Head of Digital Marketing, Novartis
Ray Chepesuik, Commissioner, PAAB
Silja Chouquet, Founder, Whydotpharma
David Doherty, CoFounder, 3GDoctor
Martin Dubuc, Global MultiChannel Marketing Leader, Merck & Co
Serkan Erkovan, Product Manager, Boehringer Ingelheim
Christ Field, Director, Blue Latitude
Peter Hinssen, Author of ‘The New Normal’
Benedikt Hoffman, Head of Digital Business, Janssen
Antonio Ibarra, EU Digital Marketing Lead, Pfizer
Rene Joergensen, Global CRM and E-Tools Manager, LEO Pharma
Paul Johnson, General Manager, Global Pharma Solutions, IMS Health
Andreas Claus Kistner, Global Head of Operations and Portfolio, Roche
J-F Kitten, Owner, Licence K
Jean-Denis Koeck, Engineer,
Antonio Manfredi, E-patient & ACTION Psoriasis advocate
James Musick, Social Media & Web Communications, Genentech
Alexander Natz, Director General, EUCOPE
Axel Nemeth, Global Head, mHealth Solutions at Vodafone
Rens van Oosterhout, Manager, CZ Health Insurance
Kris Petre, Marketing Manager, Cochlear
Fabio Oris Piva, VP Marketing, Bayer
John Pugh, Online Communications, Boehringer Ingelheim
Michel Quintas, Direct to Consumer Communications, Eli Lilly Canada
Tim Ringrose, CEO, Networks In Health
Ariel M. Salmang, Director, Publicis Healthware International
Lawrence Sherman, Senior Vice President, Prova Education
Denise Silber, Founder, Doctors 2.0 & You
Heather Simmonds, Executive Director, PMCPA
Len Starnes, Former Head of Digital Marketing and Sales, Bayer
Gillian Tachibana de Llull, Director of eMedia/Social Media, Merck
William Tunno, Director of Marketing, Incyte
Gozde Unverdi, Head, Xarelto at Bayer
Kay Wesley, Global Director, Complete Digital
Paul Wicks, Managing Director, PatientsLikeMe UK
Lukas Zinnagl, Co-Founder,

Here’s my slidedeck from the Mobile Strategies for Pharma event that I chaired in London back in December that was also very successfully organised by the EyeforPharma team:

See you in Barcelona? Register here now or comment below and I’ll try and get you a discount code.

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