Eric Topol’s Creative Destruction of Medicine

First of all it started appearing in the Amazon Reading List of my Linkedin contacts, now everyone seems to be asking me what I think about it. There is no doubt, Dr Eric Topol has created the first book on the mHealth opportunity and it’s set to be a best seller. If you haven’t read it yet – get a copy now.

This is obviously great news for mHealth proponents everywhere as it’s a highly respected physician providing an all encompassing overview of the possibilities and opportunities that lie before us. I’m surprised mobile operators aren’t yet handing out branded copies to their clients and prospects as it would be a great way to engage and inform potential customers.

Obviously I’m in agreement with the vast majority of the content but for me there are a few rather obvious things that would improve it greatly. First and most importantly I can’t work out why no one’s asking why it’s got an image of a USB stick on the front. At first I thought there must have been a mix up with the artwork and I even got in touch with the publishers back in November.

Isn’t it obvious that it’s the revolution associated with mobile (the newest mass media) that’s making this all happen?

Taking a leaf from my good friend Alan Moore’s read/write approach to publishing here’s how I think the cover should have looked…

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