Inspiring story about how mobile data can help patients make and maintain positive health changes

A powerful story of a patient journey by Dan Hon, Creative Director at Wieden+Kennedy the agency responsible for the Fullpower/Nike+ Fuelband, that should be read in full. For me it’s interesting that the biggest opportunity just gets a passing mention:

A couple years ago, I’d seen my GP in London and he’d told me I was pre-diabetic. What that meant, he said, was that if I didn’t change my behaviour, I would develop Type 2 Diabetes

Can you imagine the potential if that London GP had given Dan the chance to give and document his full detailed history before they met asking about why he was maintaining this lifestyle, the challenges he faced, etc, etc, took the time to discuss these challenges and sent a video to Dan’s mobile showing him what he meant by being pre-diabetic and what the implications would be if he developed Type 2 Diabetes?

NHS spending on diabetes is predicted to reach £16.9 billion by 2035 (as much as 17% of entire NHS budget) so when we have the digital digital resources already in abundance (eg. NHS Choices Diabetes Type 2 Prevention, Diabetes UK, etc) isn’t it obvious that today’s standard of care (eg. a Doctor saying something in a rushed consultation) can no longer be justified?

None of this is difficult to implement either. If a patient (or their carer) can access the internet they can give their important history and if you can text you can send these URLs (and this info) to a patients mobile.

If you think you haven’t got the budgets for this go back to school. This poor preventative experience is contributing to a problem that is set to cost as much as £16.9 Billion per annum in a few years time – and according to Andrew Lansley, Secretary of State for Health SMS services are now completely free for NHS GP’s.

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