Apple fires another mHealth starter gun

Wow. I’ve written before about Apple’s leadership in the mHealth market but this latest development is a very confident leap forward and a clear sign that together with it’s partners (eg. Sanofi – the French Pharma firm that considers itself “very much an apple company” and is set to replace Pfizer next year as the world’s biggest revenue generating drug maker) think that the future of mHealth is going to be driven by operator agnostic over-the-top (OTT) offerings that will initially be bought by patients and presumably imposed upon healthcare providers.

I’m presuming it will be imposed because while the Apple website claims that patients can “share the information stored on the app with your healthcare team while on the go” the only stated detail is that you can “Share data with your healthcare team in person or via email”. It doesn’t mention how this is going to work from a provider side eg. how your carers will work with it, if they’ll get paid for it, what liabilities they’ll have to cover, how the emails from patients are going to be covered from a HIPAA perspective, etc, etc).

I can imagine the mHealth teams at telcos watching this development are going to be losing a lot of sleep as they try to keep up with the growing lead being taken by the OTT movement. It’s definitely time to grab your partners…

More coverage of the development here at MobiHealthNews.

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