Cool “Medicine meets Mobile” Video featuring Eric Topol MD

In 2007 I met up with Don Jones and we started talking about opportunities for mobile devices and healthcare to converge. The smartphone does give us a window into each person that we never had before and so that will be for management of a condition, the prevention of a condition, I mean there’s opportunities galore here. It’s actually archaic the way our system works today in that we still rely heavily on paper and charts, the old way, and that’s really a reflection of the fact that the medical community has been in a separate orbit from the digital world and that’s going to change

Eric Topol MD, Cardiologist, Author of The Creative Destruction of Medicine and Founder of the Scripts Translational Science Institute

After watching this neat explanation of the mHealth opportunity I continue to be baffled as to how Eric Topol MD could let his best selling book ship with a USB stick on the front cover.

The video profiles two mHealth technologies that I’ve reviewed first hand on this blog before, the Alivecor ECG iPhone case (review) and the GE V-Scan (review) it also mentions Don Jones, VP Lifescience, Qualcomm. Here he is experiencing his first 3G mobile video call way back in 2009 with 3G Doctor’s Fiona Kavanagh MRCGP:

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