GSMA announces winners of Mobile Health University Challenge

At the GSMA mHealth Alliance Mobile Health Summit in Cape Town the GSMA together with sponsors Qualcomm and QTel have announced the winner and shortlisted finalists for their Mobile Health University Challenge.

Winner: Sana AudioPulse

Unversity: MIT (US) and Federal University of Rio Grande Do Norte (Brazil)

Built on the Sana open source software platform this project plans to create a hearing screening application for Android smartphones that can send psychoacoustical data to remote clinics for diagnosis by certified audiologists. Being an open source project the software and de-identified pilot data will be publicly shared.


BabeeMon, University of Oxford (UK)

A low cost system of continuously connected respiratory, heart rhythm and PO2 sensors connected to a smartphone provides analytical processing that can notify carers of health deterioration.

LifeCheck, UC Berkeley (US)

LifeCheck is a digital checklist management system for hospitals based on a smartphone app and supported by a website which can be used to address the problem of preventable surgical errors. Inbuilt features include redundancy and fail safe mechanisms.

Snore Detector, Jordan University of Science and Technology (Jordan)

This smartphone app can detect and monitoring snoring and is designed to be used by patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSAS). In addition to recording the noises coming from the patient while sleeping, the system uses Signal Processing and Artificial Intelligence methods to automatically detect snoring to help determining OSAS.

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