FastCompany Video: Leading US Medical School to launch “mHealth games franchise”

…one of the truisms about American medicine is that it doesn’t work for a lot of patients at any one time… …I kind of imagine this medical iTunes, what would that look like? how would that be designed? I don’t need to look at the data of the 30 patients that are doing great, I need to spend my time on the 3 patients that need me… …we can put sensors on our patients to manage chronic disease but in doing so we change the culture, we create a culture that is so used to wearing sensors and interacting with their body data in the same way that you are now interacting with your financial data, or your food, or your media, all you have to do is put your fingers on this (Alivecor ECG) case and that gives me one lead of an EKG and that goes up to the cloud and I can pull it down later and look at it, so you really have to create a story and there’s no reason why you can’t dramatise that story and make it interesting, so then i’m not just seeing you every 3 months but i’m actually getting a real snap shot that’s enhanced… …but the patients aren’t in the loop the patients themselves aren’t looking at their own data and they can and they are capable of it and the sooner in medicine we let them learn themselves and start to look at their data and understanding it the more sophisticated our own dialogue will be and that is huge in terms of making the right decisions at critical times… …so we’re developing our own franchise of games and one of our games is “iHeart Jelly Fish”… …think about your iphone screen or computer screen everything about your health should be right there next to scrabble, next to the NY Times, next to ESPN, whatever else we do we should we should create this connected village of healthcare…

Dr Leslie Saxon, Prof of Medicine, Keck School of Medicine, Founder of the USC Centre for Body Computing
and Every Heart Beat.

Related: In the video Dr Saxon demos the Alivecor ECG device. Read my notes on our trial of this device which predicted the emergence of this powerful new mHealth gaming opportunity.

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