Congratulations to Dr Mike Short for recognition in Queens Birthday Honours List

Great to see the Queens Honours List recognising yet another mHealth industry proponent.

The efforts of Dr Mike Short, VP Research & Development, O2 Telefonica, to drive greater awareness of the issues surrounding the online privacy of children have been industry leading and he’s also played an important hand in getting Leeds Medical School students using iPhones, a mHealth focus going at the GSMA and creating a dedicated mHealth brand at the UK’s largest mobile operator.

Of course the efforts of Dr Mike Short, VP Research & Development, O2 Telefonica, have featured on the pages of this blog several times and I’ve presented at various events alongside him over the years (going all the way back to the eHealth Conference I chaired at City University London in 2008).

In 2012 a talk about mHealth isn’t complete without the presenter showing a super-smartphone recording their ECG and blood sugar level (or more) but I remember back in 2009 watching Mike giving this “Connected Health Vision” talk and there would actually be Doctors and NHS Managers in the audience (with Nokia 3210’s) shaking their heads in disbelief that any of this could happen…

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