Will Jack Andraka go on to scoop the Qualcomm & Nokia Tricorder X Prize millions?

Bruce Upbin at Forbes reports on how top prize in Intel’s ISEF 2012 has been awarded to a very talented 15 year old who’s created a new highly selective method of detecting antigens by coating testing paper with carbon nanotubes coated with specific antibodies and monitoring the changes in electrical conductivity.

There’s some very interesting science behind this and the breakthrough provides scope for very accurate testing of bodily fluids for early indicators of viral infections, cancers, etc:

Imagine the opportunity for this tech to be incorporated within mHealth devices like HMM Group’s integrated cartridges or VitaDock’s GlucoDock accessory?

With a Smartphone, VitaDock-style accessory and wallet of disposable paper strips a Healthcare worker could literally carry a Hospital laboratory in her pocket!

Surely that alone would be enough to win the Nokia or Qualcomm Tricorder X Prize?

If you had any doubts that the mobile and medical device market would converge over the next decade you should retire them today.

I hope he’s submitted a paper to present at the mHealth Summit which takes place in his home town of Maryland in December (submission deadline is 29 June).

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2 Responses to Will Jack Andraka go on to scoop the Qualcomm & Nokia Tricorder X Prize millions?

  1. Andank says:

    On the other hand, the cash would be very handy. Developing my exit strategy will be less urgnet. I will have more time to either work on the product, prepare the IPO, or possibly just goof off until the investors start to notice. Then I plan to leave town.So, yeah, not that I think of it, I will take the $10 mil. Oh, and the Tricorder is almost ready for a major demo. We just need a few more tests, but this level of testing will have to be done in a warm climate, preferably near a secluded beach.Oh, and it might be best to just buy that Gulfstream now instead of spending all that money leasing it, don’t you think? Note: pilot must be full time. Remember, this product is BIG.

  2. Denis says:

    I thought that Bones had the medaicl tricorder and that Spock had a science tricorder. Of course, the original show went off the air about 40 years ago, so my memory could be faulty.

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