Project Glass looks all set to start saving lives…

Recently I mentioned how enthusiastic I am about the potential of mobile Augmented Reality in the healthcare market and today at their I/O 2012 developer event Google have shown how far the Project Glass team have already taken the tech with a demo of a live video hangout (group mobile video call) in which the participants wore the Glasses whilst free falling…

Can you imagine when carers can use tech like this to video consult with 3G Doctor? Can you imagine the potential this has as a bolt on to those 3G Ambulances we’ve seen on the roads of Denmark to connect paramedics (who are already required to wear protective eyewear) with remote critical care specialists whenever and wherever they need extra assistance? Imagine the quality of the training videos you’ll create by just using the tech?

I hope Project Glass team get to explore some of the exciting mHealth angles to this new tech before it inevitably gets used by the various RoboCriminals and RoboCops to redefine human rights…

UPDATE 18 Feb 2015: A big thank you to Donna Cusano who spotted a typo in the above image. Here’s an update with the correction made:


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