Is it time for 3G Mobile Operators to integrate with Skype now it’s synonymous with Video Calling?

This BusinessWeek article by loomberg Government Insider Ryan Flinn highlights how successful the Skype brand has been in establishing its Video Call brand:

Reporter: “Here’s the final article – are all the techie bits correct?”
Cisco Rep: “Well I think you got the title wrong, instead of “The Doctor will Skype you now” don’t you mean “The Doctor will TelePresence You Now”?”
Reporter: “What?”
Cisco Rep: “Well what we showed you in the Hospitals and Clinics isn’t actually Skype although with a cloud-based video bridging interoperability add on for a fixed monthly fee this could be possible…”
Reporter: “Are you saying you cannot Skype someone with the $11.5 million worth of equipment you showed me?”
Cisco Rep: “Okay it’s Skype”

As most of us know the value of technology rarely becomes apparent until it’s invisible to users so the question has got to be why are 3G telcos are still dragging their feet on Skype so that it continues to exist as an OTT service when it would work so much better for them if it was integrated within their 3G Video Calling platforms.

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