Prof Sid Watkins OBE RIP

If you ever doubt the capacity of Doctors to lead change and drive innovation, or find yourself getting carried away with imaginative ideas about how technology will replace Doctors please read about the incredible lifetime achievements of this dedicated and caring clinician who worked so tirelessly to establish and advance medical standards in motorsport.

No, he wasn’t a Driver. No, he wasn’t an Engineer. No, he wasn’t a Designer. He was a Doctor and it’s probably fair to say that he did more than anyone, over many years, to make Formula One as safe as it is today

Ron Dennis, Chairman, McLaren Group

As a mark of respect for his work advancing the safety of motorists please join me making the pledge to never let your mobile distract your attention from the road.

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2 Responses to Prof Sid Watkins OBE RIP

  1. Dawn says:

    Rest in peace Prof Mr.Sid Watkins (OBE) Thank you for saving so many F drivers lives.
    You will always be remembered and never forgotten.
    From Dawn.

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