Young Docs might find it hard to imagine practicing without mHealth tech but should they even really be allowed to practice without it?

In this Fierce Mobile Healthcare article by Julie Bird I sense mHealth tech is challenging the norm in the Healthcare IT sector in such a way that they feel there’s pressure to defend or justify it’s use.

Instead of considering how “Young Doctors can’t imagine practicing without mHealth tech” and the benefits it can offer for their “lives outside their hospitals” shouldn’t we really be asking why in 2012 they should be allowed to practice without it?

To make the point consider the things mHealth tech enables a Doctor to do safely today:

> Access the latest prescribing information from the British National Formulary

> Look up medical text book content

> Ask colleagues for their opinions on a case

> Let patients take their time providing detailed documentation of their medical history and concerns

> Log their CPD activities

> Check patients health with mHealth sensors

> Make Mobile Video calls to patients and colleagues

> Call colleagues in the event that there is a failure with their desktop phone

> Make medical training videos with head mounted mobile connected cameras

> Secure Anytime/Anywhere access to your patients comprehensive medical records

What have I missed?

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