mHealth opportunities with Shazam?

I’ve yet to meet someone who isn’t blown away when they see their first demo of the augmented reality experience the Shazam app offers (hear a tune on the radio, press the app, get the name of the track, name of the artist and a link to download it) but I think it’s this next step that’s going to get Shazam really noticed (and probably acquired by Google/Apple as a result).

I thought it might be useful to draw up a list of the mHealth opportunities this offers:

New opportunities for Medical TV programs

I can imagine this is going to transform the learn back viewing style of shows like Doctor Oz’s, Embarrassing Bodies (formerly Embarrassing Illnesses) as well as the frequent “health breakthrough” snippets that feature on the end of the national news.

New business models for medical TV content

I can imagine the appetite for advertising would go through the roof for a lot of medical TV channels when you get rid of the need for disruption and replace it with these new pull opportunities. No more ad breaks!

The future of CPD

It’s surprising how many medical professionals watch medical Fly-on-the-Wall programmes like Channel 4’s brilliant 24 Hours in A&E but could you imagine the opportunity for CPD content tie ups if you’re the BMJ, Royal College of Nursing or Royal College of GP’s?

See an tracheal intubation being performed and click Shazam app, it hears the TV and gives you a range of options, select “intubation educational module”, click download and an up to date interactive mobile/tablet optimised tracheal intubation educational module is now downloaded (for you to watch on your train ride to work in the morning).

Pharma advertising

The US direct to consumer pharma marketeers must be going dizzy over this. Imagine the power to turn your 30 second commercial into an immediate multimedia experience on patients most personal device?

Even in mixed company patients or carers would be able to discretely get the info they want (as they’d just look like they were sending a text message etc) which would probably open up new opportunities for these ads (eg. Cinema).

Of course there are also lots of nice non-TV mHealth opportunities for Shazam

For example imagine the potential to listen to ambient noises and update a patients health records (eg. snoring, waking times, when the kettle is switched on, a bath is run, the smoke alarm sounds, a pill bottle cap is opened, a metered dose inhaler is being used, etc) or the diagnostic potential to compare high quality recordings against a database of recordings from diagnosed patients (eg tremors in a voice, a cough, a maximal expiration, etc).

What have I missed?

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