Is the Mobile Operator opportunity in “Digital Health” OR “mHealth”?

A new research report by MobiHealthNews (available here at a very reasonable $295) is titled “Mobile Operators and Digital Health” and it made me wonder about the terminology being used.

> We talk about mMoney (mPesa) not Digital Money

> The worlds largest mobile operator by subscribers refers to it as mHealth

> The worlds largest mobile operator by revenues refers to it as mHealth

> The mobile operator that has the most advanced Healthcare brand (following more than a $Billion of investment) refers to it as mHealth or just Health.

> The GSMA (mobile operator industry association) refers to it as mHealth

> “Digital” obviously means something very different to medics:

> The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, National Institutes of Health, United Nations Foundation refer to it as mHealth when they host the worlds biggest industry convention:

> Is there anything that a mobile operator does that isn’t digital?

Asides from the stores and the posted bills isn’t everything a mobile operator offers digital? When Digital experiences are all you’ve got to offer does it make it an obsolete/superfluous term?

> Does it make any difference what we call it?

Are people likely to understand what we’re talking about more likely if we refer to mHealth as Digital Health? Is anyone confused?

Perhaps we need to buy the report to find out? What do you think?

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