Participate in the Health 2.0 San Francisco Conference Live

Shimon Waldfogel Hi, I’m a physician in Philadelphia PA. Just stumbled upon this Live stream…this is great”

The mHealth Summit really broke the mould with recording and sharing freely videos of all presentations (via LiveStream) but it’s great to see Health 2.0 is taking the next step and doing it all live alongside some very interesting social media conversations (via Learn it Live).

All too often Healthcare IT events consist of techies selling hats to one another, or dead audiences where a bunch of suited execs play their cards closely and don’t ask any engaging questions, but it’s clear watching even a few minutes of these videos that there is an incredible power in these videos and the connections audiences can now make around them.

Smart marketeers are soon going to realise the real value in their participation in a quality event will now originate from the extended sharing of content and wider discussions about this, and although it’s going to be hard for some event organisers to let go of their tight control I think it’s clear that the days of expensive events that provide very little to those who aren’t in the room are over.

Brochures and press releases don’t cut it anymore as I think we’ll soon only want to physically go to (and sponsor) the events that we find value from once we’ve participated in their online counterparts. This is especially important for clinicians who find it so hard to take time out from their schedules and I hope organisations involved in continuing professional development (CPD) for healthcare workers are chasing these forward thinking organisers to ensure their events are fully accredited (eg. so a healthcare professional can sign in – using their medical registration details – and watch these events to have them count towards the points they need to accumulate).

Congratulations to the Health 2.0 team for skating to where the puck will be… Register now for Health 2.0 Europe (6-7 November 2012 in Berlin)

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