The mHealth train is leaving the station…

In Smartphones and implications for the mHealth Space Dr Howard J Luks MD, Associate Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at New York Medical College and Chief of Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy at University Orthopedics and Westchester Medical Center, tries to answer the question “what will be the most valuable mobile application going forward. From a vertical, logical, short term perspective…

The most useful mHealth application will (should) be your physician website. Yep… Sadly, however, we still have a long way to go. Only 50% of physicians have a website, and the majority of those were created as a template. This means that the information is static, not very timely and the goal of the website is most likely promotional in nature.

We can change that, we need to change that! Patients are thirsty for relevant timely, up to date information on their disease states. The majority of people still trust their physicians as a source of health related information. They will likely turn to us first for that information. If we do not step up and provide them with that information they will continue to look to the multitude of online, patient driven communities which are popping up to make up for our lack of productivity and content production.

The Web 2.0 and mobile compliant physician’s site can then serve as a hub for the next huge advance in mHealth … text messaging or applications that attempt to motivate or drive positive behavioral changes, medication or therapy adherence, etc. The world of text based reminders and behavioral modification apps is in its infancy, but will explode onto the scene over the next few years. Would you rather host that solution or sit and watch your competitors do so?

Nearly 85 % of healthcare conversations online are taking place without a physicians’ input… our patients are online — we should be too.

The mHealth movement will mature quickly… don’t remain a siloed, static, irrelevant player for long!

My thoughts:

I couldn’t agree more…

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2 Responses to The mHealth train is leaving the station…

  1. hjluks says:

    Thanks! Glad u agree 🙂 thanks to Susannah and Pew for the data!

  2. I agree not because I am a physician and I don’t claim that physicians are the sources of all medical wisdom but many pundits are excitedly claiming that technology will make the physician redundant comparing the physician to the F16 pilot and now we have pilotless flight demonstrated and driverless cars by Google but both arebpoor analogies. Clinical medicine is more complex and as much as I am a fan of digital technologies it isn’t this or that but instead this and that symbiotically. A doctor web page is a good starting point.

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