The Medical & Dental Defence Union of Scotland says Doctors ‘could’ do something they’re already doing…

Of course we know patients want it, we have private Doctors here providing it for years (with full cover at normal GP rates by the leading medical defence organisations), NHS Directors are encouraging it’s use, GP’s in NHS Clinics are providing it to their registered patients and the NHS has even produced guides for any one else who is considering using it but unfortunately the Medical and Dental Defence Union of Scotland appear to have convinced Rebecca Smith, Medical Editor for The Telegraph, that “patients in rural areas or those with disabilities could use Skype to talk to their GP ‘face-to-face’ without having to leave their own home” and that the “medico-legal pitfalls of Skype consultations” are “not yet fully apparent as it is a recent development“.

Let’s make it very clear:

> Registered Doctors are required to provide exactly the same duty of care to their patients regardless of whether they are consulting face-to-face in an office, over a telephone line or a Skype Video call.

> Registered Doctors who provide Skype consultations fully appreciate and understand the medico-legal issues associated with their work – and this is why the smartest ones are twinning it’s use with advanced interactive patient history taking tools so that patients can be provided with fully documented consultations.

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