Ruder Finn: The Future of Healthcare Infographic

Ahead of their mHealth Breakfast meeting next week Ruder Finn have produced the cool looking infographic above.

Until now my understanding of an infographic was a “graphic visual representation of information, data or knowledge in a way that helps to present complex information quickly and clearly“. For me this misses the mark by a country mile.

My thoughts:

Why measure what’s popular when you could be measuring what’s valuable?

Angry birds may be a popular smartphone app but if you asked 99% of mobile subscribers in the UK would they give up 999 emergency call functionality or SMS with their best friend to have it they’d probably give it a pass – even if they spend hours playing the crazy game.

Does anyone really think of social, health and lifestyle apps as though they are distinct?

Under the “most popular apps” section it suggests there are distinct differences between “Social” and “Health and Lifestyle” apps. I don’t think there is a defined distinction as in 99% of instances the apps that we use most in healthcare are those that are native on our phones, work out of the box and that we also use addictively for social and lifestyle roles eg. SMS, Voice/Video Calls, Mobile Web, MMS, Caller ID, etc

I cannot imagine what the researchers think a consumer would say is happening whenever they phone their mum’s mobile to have a gossip, ask about how her Doctor appointment went and then start planning the family Christmas get together?

I think it’s safe to presume that most consumers who YouGov found online to answer their poll would’ve never even thought about it.

What Patients Wish Doctor’s had?

Under the header “Wish List for my Doctor” the infographic suggests consumers online want their Doctors to have “Patient Emergency Alert”‘s more than “Virtual Consultations and data sharing”.

Putting aside the fact that there’s nothing virtual about consultations when they involve registered Doctors, I’m surprised by these findings as I don’t know a Doctor in the UK who doesn’t already have emergency alert technology on their person at all times whilst at work (normally a switched on mobile but some of the die-hards still carry their trusted pager).

What this all means is anyone’s guess but I wonder if consumers are feeling that Doctors have been slow to respond to them or if these consumers are actually referring to Doctors as a proxy for ambulance services (which is who they should be requesting help from in the event of a medical emergency)?

For what it’s worth: I’d like my Doctor to be armed with a smartphone containing all of the latest medical text book content.

Perhaps we just need to get ourselves to the event next week to find out more?

The Future of Mobile Healthcare is being hosted by Ruder Finn next Tuesday, 27 November 2012, from 930am at The Hospital Club in Covent Garden, London.

The event will be chaired by Emma Sinden, Head of Healthcare Technology, Ruder Finn and feature a debate panel comprising of: Prof Christoper James, Professor of Healthcare Technology at University of Warwick and Director, Institute of Digital Healthcare, Dr Tom Barber, Associate Professor and Honorary Consultant Endocrinologist, University of Warwick and UHCW NHS Trust, Owen Booth, Head of Content, Diabetes UK and Jon Hoeksma, editor, eHealth Insider.

To register click here

What do you think? Has this infographic made things clear for you or will you be joining us in London for the event to find out more?

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