Why I recommend everyone goes to Medica at least once…

In Germany I stood in one of the 20+ giant Medica exhibition halls that make the Birmingham Exhibition Centre look like a village hall. Billions of dollars of the most spectacular kit and caboodle it is possible to imagine.

I’ve been going to Medica for years. What’s changed? Real-time HD, 3D, full colour imaging from every nook and cranny of the human body has consigned black and white fuzz to history. Most significant in the past two years, the speed with which the iPad platform has become ubiquitous. Every test, monitor, diagnostic in half the time, in real time, stored and sent by wi-fi any and everywhere you need it.

It is astonishing but it is all such a waste. The WHO tells us we spend 7% of total healthcare revenues on prevention. Pitiful.

Sixty percent of illness is lifestyle related; our health is almost certainly determined by our wealth, our education and life-chances. Warehouses full of equipment to treat shed-loads of people who probably don’t need to be sick in the first place.

In this cathedral of excellence I was overcome by a sense of despair. Careers and fortunes forged on the altar of avoidable suffering and unnecessary despair. The Mandate and its authors are simply repeating the errors of the past and gift-wrapping them for the future. We don’t need a Mandate, we need a miracle. This year my trip to Düsseldorf was a walk along the road to Damascus

The Road to Damascus by Roy Lilley

Interestingly we’re noticing mHealth firms deciding to exhibit amongst these collossal warehouses. In light of the disruptive preventative health opportunities that mHealth offers I can’t help but think this is akin to Henry Ford taking his Model T to compete at a horse fair…

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